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Music in the Shower!

I’ve been working on this for a long time but I had some trouble geting it out of the breadboard and then iTunes changed the APIs so I’ve been trying to get it working again but for the mean time I’m leaving this video from the initial stage:

I’m using an Arduino to send the commands to the computer via bluetooth (next track, prev, play/pause, volume, random playlist). The computer is running a python script to get the commands and send the appropriate signal to iTunes, and getting the song info back to the Arduino.

The python part changed recently due to the APIs update and it doesn’t seem that I’ll be able to get it working back in the same way.

Right now I got it working again with the API changes with some workarounds with some .app’s created with AppleScript that only send the play/pause, volume, etc., one for each command, but I don’t like this approach so I’m trying to get it working as a service again.

I also want to have a good case for the board but in the mean time I only tossed the circuit inside a ziplock to avoid the water.

I hope to give an update soon.