My First Web App! (work in progress)

I created my first web app! (

The app gives basic information on the USA-Mexico crossing borders like operation time, number of open lanes, and more important, estimated crossing time (very useful for people living near the border or for those who like to do our shopping in the US).

It uses a simple python script to gather information from the website. The website has a publicly available xml file that I download to my server, then my app strips all the useless information and organize all the data that I want to display.


I made the HTML print outs thinking on mobile devices, so it may (and will) look a little weird on a computer, but it is still usable.

You can compare my site with the original (, the information is the same, but I present only the information that most people look for. 

Next step would be to optimize load times, but I’ve been thinking about writing an Android/iOS app that does all the work instead of relying on a server but my free time has practically dissapeared between german lessons, online courses and some very good books that I’ve been reading lately, but it’s definitely in my list!

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