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Program Converter

I made a very simple program when I started my job as CNC Engineer more than two years ago. It simplifies the process of adapting a program from switching the working table.

We used to do it by hand searching for the G54 (table 1) or G55 (table 2) and changing it manually, so I wrote this software on C# to do it automatically.

It is so simple in it’s design that I didn’t though they were so dependable on it untill I saw that it was installed on almost all of the computers in the areas that have this CNC machines.

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New Phone, New Craddle

I recently upgraded my cellphone from a Nexus One to a Samsung Galaxy S II and I realized that the craddle that I had designed didn’t fit the new phone, and I couldn’t find the old .prt files to edit it (they had to format my computer because the hard drive was failling constantly).

This is the design I came up with:

It is much more simple than the last one, consisting of only two parts instead of three and I used powder coating instead of wet paint for the finishing.

I’m using it every night to charge my phone while I sleep and keeping the cable secured in one place.


Some stuff I made at work

This are some simple things I designed at work to keep some timers that we use for production secured from thieves.

This is the first design I made for the timers that we had in stock:

and this is the final product:

And this is the one I made for another timer model that we bough:

And the final product:

They seem to be working well, or at least no one has been able to steal them.