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Design time!

Last month I was looking for a dock for my Nexus One and then I got the idea of designing one myself.

I started learning Pro/Engineer during my free time at work and I decided to use my new acquired skills to do the job.

This is the result:

It’s made of aluminum. I had to do it in 3 parts due to some manufacturing restrictions but it still works like a charm.

More renders after the break.

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My account was suspended!

Sorry if I haven’t posted in a while but my account was suspended due to suspicious activity.

It took a little longer than I would’ve like but I’m finally back into action.

I made a couple of nice projects in the mean time, unfortunately I had some problems with my mac when I upgraded to OSX 10.7 and had to format my drive. I could have sworn that I had everything on my dropbox but apparently that was not the case so I’ll se if I can rebuild said projects.

I have also been learning how to program for Android, so if I don’t post is because I’m working on this.

See you later!