For the Mechatronics Projects class on the last semester we had to build a functioning robot.

Me and my team came with the idea of automatizing a restaurant with a waiter robot, but we figure it out that we could very well automatize the whole experience of ordering food in a restaurant.

We started creating a web app for ordering (and paying) the food that could work on any smartphone or laptop.

POS web application

The idea is that the customers would bring their devices and they would be able to order the food as soon as they got wifi coverage  with no human interaction.

Then the order would be received by the cook who would prepare the order, put it on a robot, and signal it to deliver it.

The cook sees the order in the screen and signal the robot when it's ready.

Finally, the robot delivers the food.

Picture of the robot

The robot consist of an Arduino controlling and receiving all the orders. four wheels and four motors weren’t ideal but it was necessary to move all the weight of the robot itself. The back wheels had encoders to measure distance and on top of the robot was a digital compass for calculating direction.

It also had a couple of ultrasonic sensors to stop when there were obstacles ahead and an accelerometer to detect collisions. A speaker signal any alerts with different sounds for each event (claxon-like for obstacles in the way, a siren for collision, special tone for reaching distination).

Communications were handled by a bluetooth module and a Macbook Pro handled the web server.

A render of the Robot


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