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For the Mechatronics Projects class on the last semester we had to build a functioning robot.

Me and my team came with the idea of automatizing a restaurant with a waiter robot, but we figure it out that we could very well automatize the whole experience of ordering food in a restaurant.

We started creating a web app for ordering (and paying) the food that could work on any smartphone or laptop.

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Project for the signals processing class.

The user creates a JPEG file with a certain pixel by pixel size, divided in 64 squares. Those painted different than white will be showed in a LED matrix.

Created using Processing and Arduino.


Full Rotation Servo

Last time I wrote I told you that I had new toys from sparkfun. Two of those were full rotation servos (also: buttons!).

When I bought them I though they were 360ยบ servos but instead they are servos that rotate indefinitely, so they don’t have position control, but they have speed and direction control. Also, they feel very strong.

This is a little program that I did to test the servos:

Two buttons are used to control the direction and the speed and it is displayed in the LCD display.